Monday, June 1, 2009


Pastor Wendell Brereton carries a real prophetic gift. The prophetic is God's gift to man kind so that we might speak to the nation. The Prophetic although it can speak on a personal level is always intended to be used to advise a nationalistic body of the move, desires and intentions of God.

Pastor Brereton is also a healer. The Holy Spirit has used him to wake up those in commas, cure cancer, cure brain tumors, cure mental illness and demonic affliction. Bring the sick and the afflicted into the Glorious Church, we serve the devil notice that he will flee in seven different directions.

This is an excerpt of his sermon: "Your bread is not my bread"

Do you realize that you have been taught how to learn inorder that you might be controlled.

Let me show you how you have been indoctrinated into a system of learning that causes you to believe that you are a free thinker, but are you ?
P. eer learning environment. Where the environment is dominated by individuals you have bought into. Therefore what ever they say you do. What ever they do you say. You dress alike, behave alike. Speak alike, share like opinions. If they its cool you agree, if they say its not cool you agree. ie School system. It the earliest environment. Do you know this environment trumps what parents teach.

I: nstitutional learning environment. Where the institution of learning is revered and sought out and what ever that institution says is the truth or the facts you buy into. You trust the system of the institution more than you trust yourself. The institution is your identity. Harvard, Microsoft, the Justice system, Goverment Political parties. The institution gives you your opinion. If the court says he's guilty then he is guilty, if the university says he is a graduate then he is smart. If the government says its the law then you say its right.

M.entorship learning environment. This is the environment where you have bought into the admirable teacher. Irregardless of the peers or the institution the leader or the teacher is what you have endorsed so what ever they say becomes your opinion. Many cults start this way.

P. urpose driven learning environment. Thanks Rick Warren, just kidding. The purpose driven learning environment is a learning environment based on need and greed. This is the me, me, me environment. This is a very popular environment because you are there to accomplish a self pleasing self fufilling goal.Usually you are surrounded by other self fufillers who also have a need and greed agenda and you all gather to figure out how you are going to get richer, get thiner, gain more influence, did I say richer. Self help workshops, Realestate seminars, How to grow a mega church seminar, how to get rich or die trying seminar etc.

I nfiltrative learning environment. In this envrionment you dont care about the peers or their institutions or their mentors or their purpose. You are there to uproot, spy out and dismantle via infiltration. The learner in this environment has no respect for what was going on before he got there he just wants to turn the new environment into what he or she wants.
Even the church has used this in their missionary work its a descend and conquer and convert approach. Dismantle and redo approach. Witches and sorcerers infiltrate churches and do this so do false teachers greedy for money. False Bishop Larry Gaither of Toronto formely of Ohio, on a swift path to hell is an example we have personally witnessed of an infiltrator who is fixed on robbing churches pretending to be a clergyman. But he and others have done so because the church uses the worlds system of discernment.

N. egative environment of learning. This is an environment totally evil, like gangs, mafia, covens, satanic temples, and other diabolical sects that operate under a satanic principle of evil. This environment must convert the individual to a wicked minded and acting individual just for enterance and thus developes disciples.

Yes the acroynm is clear. P. I.M.P.I.N
The world uses indoctrination techniques to conform you. So your opinion is there opinion.

HAVE YOU BEEN PIMPED BY THE WORLD. Sent to work and then told Hey betta have my money.

Unless you are in the only learning environment that you can run to and be safe you are the worlds prostitute. But have no fear there is aKingdom environment of learning. It is derived in the Spirit of God. It can be tested by it lining up with the word of God and it can be lived by the transforming of your mind.

Who has been pimpin you ? Is your opinion Gods opinion if its not guess what you have to change your environment.

Pastor Wendell Brereton

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Runaway Slave…..

I heard the voice crying in the wilderness as I ran through the concrete forests escaping from neo-slave masters. Run black man run, it whispered in my ears and motivated me to press on, although the reality of the invisible chains of my 500 years of oppression were tied to a status quo, of middle class ghetto living disguised in an affirmative action farm house, but uncle Toms hat didn’t fit so I ran, saying no to negro, yes to man and the voice whispered, yes you can. I’m running in a Forrest Gump reality of a situational comedy but my drama, Obama!!!! Said the voice but I did not understand but I ran and the voice said you have no choice, but I cant, no yes you can. But if the running will end in a race that I set the pace to lose to a turtle although I am the hare, how dare I run I hear the dogs of the slave master running knowing I will be whipped or mccained, but I have been trained to say although the finish line is surrounded with an improbability of success I just say, Yes I can.
I clinched the half way point in the hilarity of the moment that caused me to realize that my people perish due to a lack of knowledge of self, but the devil in the blue pant suit cant keep up. So I run and the voice grows louder and says YES YOU CAN. I feel the wind on my back and the echo of a pastoral attack yet I forgive and live and move out of the way of the fool with a pulpit as a tool and I hear the cheers of the fans that hear the voice and call me home to freedom, they say, Yes you can, I hear the citizens that used to doubt shout I, see the house on the hill and see the guards changing anticipating my arrival, I hear a nation saying I am the cure for their survival I see my opponents when I look back they are not running anymore I realize that I have left the ground and my feet begin to soar . They see me in Kenya they dance in the streets they see me in Japan in Austrailia in Belize, I see their mouths move but I CAN HEAR THE SOUND BUT THE TIME IS NOW SO MY FEET HIT THE GROUND RUNNING AND I PAUSE AS YOU ENJOY THE CAUSE SO WE CAN CELEBRATE TOGETHER AND SAY AGAIN IN CONFIDENCE OF THE LATEST MIRACLE OF AN UNBELIEVABLE GOD WITH MYSTERIES IN HIS HAND AND I DECLARE WITH YOU, BLACK MAN, WHITE MAN, ASIAN MAN, ARAB MAN, YES WE CAN….

Ten F-words of a perfect match

1. Faith: The elephant in the room in most every relationship is the faith discussion. Some faiths discourage dating individuals outside the faith. This usually is a wise concern due to the fact that this could lead to divisions in the relationship later on. Don’t underestimate this component. A good rule of thumb is if we don’t agree on spiritual things how can we see eye to eye on natural things…

2.Finance : This is big because many relationships run into the money demon quick. You must realize what money level the other person is at presently. This will affect courtship, travel, dates, birthdays, and expectations. This is a major issue in western relationship especially in a capitalist economy where money speaks to more than can you pick up the bill at dinner. It speaks to classism and ability to potentially provide for a family and at what level of provision. Rule of thumb if money matters have a conversation of expectations before you go further..

3.Fidelity: This is the category which a lot of people would have put first. Everyone hates a cheater. But some folks don’t have the same sense of fidelity. Sex is a subject that in our current social climate of swingers, open relationships, and extreme promiscuity this is a major concern. Fidelity is a habit. So is infidelity, therefore get an understanding of the sexual habits of your new romance candidate. Rule of thumb if you hooked up with them while they were with someone else, the cycle of infidelity was one you permitted. So don’t be surprised when the creature of habit does what comes naturally.

4.Physical: Now Im being kind putting this down the list. But I’m being fair to individuals not as shallow as myself. Now if you don’t mind that this person you are about to date was breast fed by a gorilla, well good for you. But for some folks they cant deal with what their eyes say no to. If you don’t like big women, and right now she is not big, but her mom is a grizzly bear. Well winne the pooh might become yogi bear. Examine eating habits, check if teeth are real, if hair is real. Try to see that person prior to makeup, without a fresh shave and hair cut. Take them swimming and see if skinny jeans are holding together a Jenny Craiger. Remember too gentlemen that kids change a woman’s body and if she didn’t work out before the baby it might be hard for her to get into the habits of working out after the baby. Guys if your lady works with fit groomed good looking men and she comes home to you in your sweats sitting on the couch with stinky socks and chicken in your teeth, you might be referring to point number three soon…. Rule of thumb, don’t settle eye candy is sweet go get you a cavity…

5. Feng shui: The aim of feng shui is to create a living and working environment in harmony with nature and the flow of energy. This speaks to the pattern of life style. Does this person fit your pattern of life style.. This is so important, life must flow and people have to flow together, their lives should be like wind and water. I say all the time you don’t have to work on a good relationship you have to work on a bad relationship. I don’t call my best male buddy and say hey man we need to spend time working on our relationship. After he stopped laughing at me he would most likely hang up the phone. A friendship isn’t work, it’s a friendship it must flow. Why does it flow because we do things the same way we like the same things we share the same ideas of how we want to exist day to day. I laugh she laughs I cry she cries, I want to be alone she wants to leave me alone.She wants to go dancing I want to go dancing…"flow".
Rule of thumb if it does not flow, get up and go but if you have already made commitments to be together sit down and shut up you asked for it, deal with it…find places in the relationship where you guys flow and spend most of your time right there.

6. Fahrenheit : Yes I needed another f-word, I am using this to talk about the temperature of the person in the relation. How does this person act when life turns up the heat. People are all well and good until the bottom drops out. You don’t know people until you know how they handle stress and crisis. You need to know how this person behaves when they are in a bad mood, are they annoying are they a manic depressive, do they drink to much, or eat to much or go on a spending binge. I knew a girl that handled stress by shoplifting . Do they also know how to deal with you when you are stressed or going through crisis. The question you need to know is will they be their for me when the going gets tough, or will they get going.
Rule of thumb if you cant handle my stress you cant handle my life…Also if you cant maintain the peace you cant share my space.

7. Former life- Skeletons in the closet…What is sitting in your past that is lieing in wait to cause havoc in my present. Do you have a venereal disease, bad credit, a criminal record, baby mama drama, a crazy ex wife or ex husband, do you have your boyfriends names tattooed to your body, do you got kids, were you a prostitute, or exotic dancer and everyone knows it? The former life of that special someone is significant and should not be overlooked. The former life of the other person usually comes into play later on in the relationship due to the monotony of dealing with issues that the former life continue to create in the presence. Not everybody is called to deal with the complex realities of the other persons past drama. Check your tolerance level at the door, rule of thumb it bothers you now it will bother your later. If it doesn’t bother you now it might get to you later. Don’t underestimate the limits of your tolerance. But hey some times love is blind, deaf, and dumb.

8. Flexibility: Hey I know we planned out our lives and we believe everything is going to work out but hey, stuff happens. So you just gotta role with the punches baby, sometimes there is a famine in the land and we got to know that God said hang in there. Sometimes you don’t have the answer and life just dealt us a bad hand but im going bend, and not break . Say it im going to bend not break Im going to stay flexible, because sometimes I got to bend over backward to survive. I might have to take a detour because life gave me cancer, but Im not going to quit Im going to bend.. The question is will you bend with me and we make a pretzel together… Rule of thumb when life gives you lemons does your face prune up or do you add rum and a cherry and take a drink… Baby I know I promised you roses but sometimes you got to deal with the thorns..

9. Friends: Show me your friends and I will show you your future. No I don’t want to date you and your ghetto girl friends. Why are all your friends on welfare. Why is it you have no friends that go to church. Why is it all your friends are single. Why is it that all your girlfriends cheat on their men, but you don’t right…The friends of a person expose the mind sets of that person. A variety of friends in varying circumstances of life demonstrate the behavior that person might tolerate either in themselves or in their mate. Rule of thumb friends create or reflect the culture of a persons life, pick the culture of a person as well as the person, by your friends I will know you.

10. Family: I put this last because just because I was raised in the ghetto and my mama is ghetto does not mean I am ghetto. The opposite is also true. So family is an indicator but not an absolute indicator. But we cannot over look the DNA of your upbringing. Sometimes a man is just like his daddy and a woman just like her momma. Some people the woman is like her daddy and the man Is like his momma. The point is if I see you have been raised by a toxic person the reality is that you might be poison. Your mom married three men and had three kids for three different men and I meet you with two kids for two different men, well where there is fire there is smoke too..No I said it right, fire.That is the sound of the canon going off that is shooting me out of your presence. I am not trying to be an extension of your dysfunctional family. If your family doesn’t like me and you are close with your family most likely eventually your wont like me either. Rule of thumb if you don’t want there family to eventually become your family, don’t date em. Lets be real uncle Ned the wino is not the ideal god-father of your kids.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

You dont know how to love me.

The greatest entity in the universe in the category of the misunderstood is the species of man gender of male. He is held most responsible for the ills of society and is the most accomplished in the breakthroughs of our world. He has walked on the moon, divided the atom, made the pyramids, tamed savage beasts, and discovered how to fly, figured out how to alter his biology and control the weather. He has been able to swim deeper than the fishes. He can utilize even the invisible spiritual realm for his bidding. He has conquered every new plateau placed in front of him. He has invented war discovered peace and He has even walked on water. In the marvelous plethora of his existence he still remains as the most misunderstood creature of Gods creation. He longs for the best even when he has more than he needs. He falls to the depths of his worse even when he is extended every best privilege. He is sought after by the female yet to his and her common conclusion is that they coexist on two frequencies of communication. Messages are skewed and frequently misread. They object lesson is why?

Today I am entering into the discussion from the mans position and hoping to shed some light.

My thesis statement of this morning is this ”The greatest chasm between the man and the woman is not the mans misunderstanding of the woman but conversely the women’s misunderstanding of the man.

Now I stated this prior to giving my normal disclaimer to test my theory. The minute a thought goes out into the world to build a man, a complimentary thought goes out to cause women in the vicinity of that thought to feel attacked or overlooked or under appreciated. In our current social condition especially in the western world, men have been conditioned to take blame for the poor communication within the species. Now any contra argument brought usually is faced with immediate protest. In fact at this moment I know there are some protests going up and I have lost some of you already.

The protest of felinity seems to take form in the work room that forms the fabric of man.

It is a protest that seeks to advise even God himself that if He would have simply asked her she would have given him much needed guidance in the building of the progenitor of the gender.

Now to take the ladies off the hook for a moment I will say that it is hard to communicate or effect a man whom is in an identity crisis. A man who is not married in his mind will not answer to the call of husband in his behavior. A man who has not bought into being a father will not answer the call of daddy. The man who is not feeling the bonds of unity will not answer to the label of faithful.

So if we are expecting to share a conversation on these topics it is imperative that this man you are talking to is able to answer to his name, or calling. In order to do so he must be awakened to his identity.

In my search to find myself I have discovered that the path of identity has come in the studying of certain men of the scripture and their relationship with God. I have discovered that God has given me a manual to understanding me and the remedy for woman who do not. I have come to the conclusion that all that is needed for complete interpretation of the mystery of man is this. Ladies speaking on behalf of the men both single and married. To the ladies who have no significant other embracing them and warming their beds in marital bliss to the married woman unfulfilled and disenchanted at what she has in comparison to what she has not. To the woman hurt by her choices and to the woman scorned by the memory and scars of the abandonment. I profess to you today…the reason for your woes and the reason man is your foe is this and this alone…

“You don’t know how to Love me.

Now after you get over the shock of the statement and before I have to call security to put you back in your seat..Hear me out

As Jesus approached the men who became his disciples he demonstrated the formula to changing a man. Ladies please don’t tell me that your intention is not to change a man because you cant play a playa and you cannot divert from programming . You are a nurturing home maker that causes the cave of our lives to be beautifully furnished inside of everyone of you is a man refurbishing kit. Even if the brother comes with all the bells and whistles fully optioned out your initial inclination upon given rights of man ownership is to re decorate the brother to add some after market detailing. I don’t care if its as simple as changing the air freshner in his car or throwing out his photo album erasing his old phone list or getting him a tummy tuck there is something in that man that you feel the need to customize to your specifications. So what I am going to do for you is show you how to Reach me, talk to me love me in order to change me….Brothers help her say Reach me talk to me love me to change me….

Reach me, talk to me, Love me, to change me. As the unassuming carpenters son made his way towards a band of unsuccessful fishermen. He first met them at the place of common interest. Gaining creditability by assisting them in an area of their personal failure and effecting that successfully.

If you want to get a man’s attention you must start in the area of his interest and his concern.

The method of Christ didn’t start with hey why you worried about not having fish, just pray.
It did not come from the place of illogical spirituality.

Regardless of His feelings regarding their circumstance he first addressed the thing that they were taking serious. He offered them a method not questions, a solution not ridicule.

Repeat this: Respect ,correct then inspire,

This is the reaching point. Solutional approach to the linear logic mind that is pointed in an interest. If you love me you will reach me at the location of my interest by first respect. Respect is the doggy treat that causes me to leave my bone of contention and refocus on you. Without respect you become another issue or attacker or problem. Respect must always come before correction. Some body say it like they heard it. The more correction that is needed the more respect must be given. Do not attempt to correct anyone especially a man whom you love that you do not show and have respect for. You will become an enemy…Respect puts you in the jurisdiction of my presence.. Worship and respect are synonymous. If you show the appropriate respect I will invite you into the place of my intimate court.
The Location of correction if you cant locate me you cant correct me.

Location is the key to reach

Mary comes home and finds Jimmy home from work watching T.V Mary puts down her purse and hangs up her coat and says , Honey I had a terrible day at work, a co-worker attempted to proposition me and was very insistent and honey you have always told me not to be too friendly with men because they take it the wrong way and I just want to apologize for not listening to you. You are so knowledgeable and wise and you always give me the right advise about these things. I put him in his place I showed him your picture and the ring you gave me and told him he could never live up to the type of man you are and the type of bond we have. I told him that you totally consume my affections and I have no time to waste on the likes of him. I told him that his advances were unwanted and if he ever even looked in my direction again I would be looking to get him fired and calling the police. I also told him that I would be coming home to tell you and that he is lucky you are not the jealous type because you were more than capable of coming to work to put him in check. Jimmy not saying a word sat watching the sports highlights and a small sheepish grin comes across his face as he puts his arm around Mary and gives her a kiss on the forehead. Then Mary replies, that’s why when I found the phone number for that girl Susan who you work with in your pants last night I knew it was just another case of people trying to get between are love. Jimmy’s eyebrows raise and he is speechless, Mary smiles as she rests her head on Jimmy’s chest and realizes that his heartbeat has quicken considerably….Mission accomplished she thought.

John 4:7-26 A woman at a well is asked by a man of another ethnicity to bring him water. The response is 1.Questions his identity, 2.Challenges his ability, 3.Defies his authority 4. Makes a request for His provision.5 Percieves his power 6. Seeks correction 7. Recieves revelation.

Her location put her within the reach of Christ. Christ was able to reach her and she had the opportunity to reach Him and to talk with Him her views were not the same but she was able to talk with HIM, Her process was still dubious because even amongst all the chatter Jesus still never got the glass of water. She leaves and relays the story to her country men asking them is this the Christ, they blatantly tell her that we believe not because you said so but us spending time with Him ourselves . Now we confirm with you that this is the Christ the Saviour of the World. She gives us two things to think about

1. Some times men rather hear from men. The same point the same position that you have they don’t want to believe it because they frankly want to examine the source themselves. Not that they don’t trust you but we wanna know for ourselves.
2. Point two is sometimes women need confirmation from other men. Jesus was not enough evidence for this woman she went home and said IS THIS THE CHRIST.

One talk was not enough she needed more voices to confirm the position. So this is where it can lead to problems in a relationship. I tell you something but you don’t believe me you have to go to others to validate what I said. They have to come back to you and confirm what I told you in two minutes it took them two days to figure out and then confirm with you. And you are asking me why im frustrated with you..When Jesus talks the woman doesn’t listen but when the men of the town confirm she listens..This is a critical point in men. Why couldn’t you just listen to me…Your instinct to mistrust me and seek other opinions delays your blessing of comprehension.. The well represented access to a well of information and she chose to be nourished on second hand information. Why didn’t she leave everything and follow Christ. We did she not return with the men… Why is the information required to be repeated in her ears by those who were not privy in her original revelation. No you dont need to ask pastor everything, just ask your man….Some stuff you don’t need outside confirmation ask your man…

3.Ladies some of you are in the location of revelation but you refuse to drink from the well. So what you are doing is aborting your position and allowing others to come and drink. Once you get in the location of my words become a hearer and a doer. Why are you going on the phone to check with your girlfriend or your other male friends. In fact why are you sending your male friends to talk to me if I wanted to talk to them I would have called them. I wanted to talk to you and you ran to them. Now when they call me they are going to come right back to you and tell you what I told you was right…You know my location but your never reached me… Don’t send others to reach me when you know my location.

Learn how to reach me.
Location is the key to reach John 20:26-28 (King James Version)

26And after eight days again his disciples were within, and Thomas with them: then came Jesus, the doors being shut, and stood in the midst, and said, Peace be unto you.

27Then saith he to Thomas, Reach hither thy finger, and behold my hands; and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side: and be not faithless, but believing.

28And Thomas answered and said unto him, My LORD and my God.

Thomas was in the location of doubt…the location mistrust the location of disillusionment all that he believed in has been smashed and crucified and he was not ready to let his heart love or trust again..

Some time ladies in order for you to really be able to trust and understand a man you need to reach into what has pierced that man, what has been driven through his hands and caused him to loose contact with you what has been driven into his feet to cause him to not to be able to come around you. Your separation issues are real they are substantial but just use a finger of discernment and touch the pain of the man and maybe you will understand him a little better. Maybe your faith in us will change. Baby the reason I abandoned you for a moment was because I was broken on the inside, I had authority on my head to cover you but to me if felt like a crown of thorns and you will realize if you thrust into my side the thing I missing most is you…

But if you are going to hurt me I CANT SHOW YOU MY BRUISES….Even though the doors of your heart are shut I will show you my vunerable side and maybe you will believe if you reach, if you extend your self just a little if you get over yourself your pain your doubt if you cancel the pity party maybe you can get some answers for the gnawing questions of your heart. REACH, REACH COME PAST THE BLOCKADE OF YOUR DILEMMA REACH COME PAST THE POVERTY THE INDIFFERENCE REACH IGNORE THE PERCEPTION THAT THIS IS NOT NORMAL REACH,, REACH FOR YOUR DESTINY REACH FOR YOUR FAVOR REACH FOR YOUR DREAMS, REACH MR. Right is near. Reach into revelation reach into the apostolic Thomas blessing…Now you know how to love me.